Someone might ask me: “Why organize the wedding photo shoot in detail?”. Couldn’t we skip the entire organizational phase and see each other directly on the wedding day? Isn’t it certainly convenient to improvise and take pictures of what is happening? Answer: NO!

Well, this “impromptu” approach is not for me and I do not recommend it to anyone. In addition, the couple of future newlyweds who for the first time find themselves organizing a wedding are often found in the balloon.

I work at weddings as a photographer, especially in Lecce and in the province, and I understand that planning a wedding photo shoot does not mean following the lineup drawn up days before to the letter but to give a guideline, identify some fundamental points. To this end, it serves to work harmoniously with other professionals and to put everyone, including the photographer, in a position to do their job or task well during the wedding day.

In my professional approach to the wedding photo and video shoot, I prefer direct contact with the spouses: without the intercession of third parties, I can understand the future spouses and offer the best service.


For this purpose, in organizing the wedding photo shoot , I start from two fundamental assumptions:

  1. Spouses usually find themselves for the first time in their life to deal with the organization of such an important event and their decisions must accommodate those of the hired professionals. Here then are some guidelines on how to organize the wedding photo shoot can be very useful.
  2. If we photographers have a schedule, a check list of things to do with times and places, numbers and contacts, we can minimize the risk of inconveniences and, should they arise, be able to deal with them in a detached and professional way. On the other hand, we wedding photographers are the only ones who follow the bride and groom for the whole day of their wedding and, at the same time, those who experience the event with greater detachment (due precisely to the fact that for us it is a job!). Regarding the useful advice for photographers, I wrote a very interesting article that highlights the importance of planning and organizing a wedding photo shoot. You can read WEDDING ACCESSORY PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES: WHAT TO CHOOSE AND WHAT TO AVOID .


When the couple choose their wedding photographer, they should establish a relationship of collaboration and mutual trust with him. When the bride and groom come to my office in Lecce to sign the contract for the wedding photo shoot and chat about their choices, I always try to put them at ease and bring them in a position to immediately envision the scenario that will arise on the day of wedding.